Rules for Submission

Rules & Terms

1. Competition is open to anyone who wishes to enter.

2. Movies produced, primarily financed, or initiated by a major Hollywood film studio are ineligible for competition.

3. Movies must have been completed no earlier than January 1, 2013.

4. Movies must be available for screening during the festival, March  2016.

5. By submitting a film to the Florida Movie Festival , the filmmaker agrees to allow the movie  to be screened at the festival, and to allow short portions of the film to be used by the festival this year and ensuing years for promotional purposes.

6. Individual filmmakers are free to offer multiple submissions. Each submission must be accompanied by its own entrance fee and submission form.

6a. Individual filmmakers can enter one film in two category/genres for one fee. The four genres are Women, Documentary, Faith/Inspirational, and Narrative/Other. For example if a film fits Documentary and is directed/produced/written/leading actor by a woman this movie  can be entered into the Women and Documentary category. If the movie is Faith based it can be entered in the Faith and Other category for judging.

Combo’s include Women/Doc, Women/Faith, Women/Nar-Other, Doc/Faith, Doc/Nar-Other, Faith/Nar-Other.

7. Finalists will be selected based on excellence in their conformity to the criteria, categories, guidelines, and festival objectives.

8. DVDs, flash memory devices, hard disk drives, or other storage devices, will not be returned under any circumstances. Receipt of films will be sent by e-mail correspondence.

9. Application fee is non-refundable.

10. Awards will be presented to the individuals or teams responsible for the winning films in Daytona Beach on March, 20, 2016.

11. The People’s Award is based on the votes of the moviegoers at the festival. All other awards are judged on the overall merit of the entries. Judges reserve the right not to grant a category award.

In summary:
Categories are: Short, Mini-Feature, and Feature.

Genres are: Women, Documentaries, Faith/Inspirational and Narrative/Other

Other Categories: Student Movie, Animation, Web-Series, Music Video, Script/Treatment and Movie Trailers. Please Note: These are not Genre specific!


1. All movies submitted directly (not through FilmFreeway) must be submitted both as a  DVD and digital format.

2. Applicants must submit two (2) copies of each submission on DVD.

3. DVDs (used for review purposes) must be encoded for playback in Region 1. DVD−R or DVD+R (non-rewritable) media should be used.
4. Submissions to FilmFreeway are through Vimeo and will not need any further format for review and judging, but may require DVD for screening/showing during festival.

Questions or need more information? Send an email to Brian Cline at

Film Freeway is our preferred platform.
Florida Movie Festival  is happy to announce an expanded submission platform  to
encourage the  international marketplace.
It is important for us to honor the submission platform where you found us .
If you found us another way please use that platform.
Here are the current platforms being used: