“Short Shorts(1-20min), Loose Shorts(20-60min), Long Pants(>60min)”


Feature Movies (Long Pants >60min)

Best Feature Winner – N+N (Hong Kong)

1st Place – Kyra Kyralion (Romania), 2nd Place 8th Continent (Germany)

Finalist – Dar He (US), Rule of Lead (Italy), Runaway Day (Greece)

Women D/P – Finalist – N+N (Hong Kong), The Daughters of Danaus (Spain), Fragile World (US)

Winner Faith – Adrenaline (US), Revelations (US)

Finalist Faith – Polycarp (US), Gift Everlasting (Jamaica/US), Good Book (US)

Women D/P Winner Faith – Gift Everlasting (Jamaica/US)

Winner Documentary – David’s & Goliath (Canada)

1st Place – Bisagno (Italy), 2nd Place – Heart of Glass (France)

Finalist Documentary – Poverty (US), I Want to Live (Kurdistan), Secret Diplomacy (Germany/Chile/Finland), Sweethearts of Gridiron (US), It’s Easy Being Green When You Have No Choice (US), Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey (Canada)

Women D/P Winner Documentary – Poverty (US)

Women D/P Finalist Documentary – Uncle Tony (Bulgaria), Lee’s Keys (US)

Finalist Faith Documentary – IBUR Connection (US), Faith, Hope, BBQ (US)


Mini – Feature (Loose Shorts 20-60min):

Winner – Spring Flood (Belgium)

1st– Place – Sum Total of Memory (US), 2nd Place – Armor of Light (US)

Finalist – Chain (US), A Good Deal (France), She Rocks the Planet (US), Cyclic (Spain)

Winner Faith – Highway to Hell (US)

Finalist Faith – Armor of Light (US), Open Hands (US), Options (US), Yeshua Answer (US)

Winner Documentary – Sum Total of our Memory (US)

1st Place – ArdeLucus (Spain), 2nd– Spas-Kamen (Russia)

Finalist Documentary – Facing Hunger (Canada), The Exchange (US),

Socotra: The Hidden Land (Spain)

Women D/P Finalist Documentary – – Last Pyramid (US), SOne Way Trip to Siem Reap (France), Women (Mozambique), Pikineras (Nicaragua)

Faith Finalist Documentary Starting Over: Record of Faith (US), 3 Ten Venture (US)


Short Shorts (1-20min)

Winner Short – I AM SAMI (UK/Kurdistan)

1st Place – Sleeping Death (Spain), 2nd Place – This Was My Son (US)

Finalist – Split Time (France), Killing My Girl (UK), Unseen Birthday (Germany), Time 2 Split (France), I Confess (UK), Jila (Iran)

Women D/P Winner Short – Chauvinist Pig (Sweden)

1st Place – Betty Boo(Australia), 2nd Place – My Children Mourn (US)

Women D/P Finalist – Masquerade (US), My Friend’s Friend (Kazakhstan), Into Sleep (China), Galicia – Portobello Road (UK)

“Outside the Box” Short Finalist – Fe-Male (Switzerland), What is an Actor? (Brazil), Common Urban Human (Greece)

Winner Faith Short – Christ Tempted (US)

Finalist Faith – Caught Inside (US), Going Through the Motions (US), Born Dead: A Zombie Parable (US)

Women D/P Faith Finalist – Jesus Through My Eyes (US)

Winner Documentary Short – Not Anymore : A story of Revolution (Syria/US)

Finalist Documentary – Sprint to the Past (Russia), Putting the Ribbon Back On (US), Water in All Forms (Iceland), City of Lights (Italy), Photo Shooting of a Bald Head (Brazil), For Her I Get Married (Spain)

Women D/P Winner Documentary Short – Preserves (US/Ecuador)

Women D/P Finalist Documentary – Epidemic of Knowledge (UK), Roxie (US),


Animation Movies:

Winner- Treasure Nest(US)

1st Place – Plastimime(UK), 2nd Place – Emilie(Luxembourg)

Finalist –Plastimime(UK), Match (Germany), Dad’s Fragile Doll (Iran), Maly Cousteau(Czech Republic), September Sketch Book(US)

Finalist Women Directed/Produced(D/P) – Treasure Nest(US), Emilie(Luxembourg)

Time(Greece), Mouth(Israel)


Winner – In the Beginning (David Helling), USA

Women D/P Winner – Quiet on the Set (Laura Valtorta), USA


Music Video:

Winner – Children of same God (Spain) Gus Carballo

1st Place – Salve Regina (US) Rob Kaczmark

2nd Place – Matter of Fact: “Purpose” (US) Shane Pergrem

Finalist – Dark Sky (Greece), Rome from Above (US), Getting Away Getting Near(Greece)

Grass (France)


Movie Trailer:

Winner – Unveiled (US) Rob Kaczmark

Women D/P Winner- Long Shadows (Australia) Linda Millar/Darwin Brooks

1st Place – Stanford Wushu, 2nd Place – I Before Thee (US)

Finalist – So In Love (US), Crack (Spain), The Patient of Paradise Avenue (US)



Winner – Chris & Josh (Season 2) (Australia)

Women D/P Winner – She Rocks the Planet! TV (US)



Winner – Feature (Long Pants >60min) Deliha (Turkey)

Women D/P Winner – Australiens (Australia)

Winner – (Loose Shorts 20-60min) –Bolero for Surfing in Moravia (Venezuela)

Winner – (Short Shorts 1-20min) Dad-in-Mum (France)

Finalist- Princess Strikes Back (Germany), Diagnostic (France), Dare Side of Moon (UK)

Psychic Sue (Germany)

** After Judges and Audience voting only 4 (of 100) points separated winner from all finalists **

Special thanks to FabriceBracq (France), Dave Lojek (Germany), Alex Constantin (UK) for this great short comedy competition!




Winner – Austin (US)

1st Place – Retaliation (Hungary), 2nd Place – Forsaken (US)

Finalist – Cold Morning (US), Tempter (US),The Heat (Poland), The Order (UK)

Vanishing (Poland)

Women D/P &High School Winner – Cold Morning (US)

Finalist High School – Emotional Dimensions of James River (US), The Wall (US), Avarice (US)

Finalist Women D/P – Cara(US), Emotional Dimensions of James River(US)

Winner Documentary – The Boats of Jamaica Bay (US)