About Us


Brian Cline is an Executive Producer of Christian Films and a business consultant on a new Dance movie for theaters.


Tom Swartz owns a publishing company. Both  of us feel creating an inspirational Movie Festival in our home area is spiritually gratifying.


Our Florida Movie Fest featuring “Long Pants(60+min), Loose Shorts(20-59), and Short Shorts(1-19)” with “NEW” genres in Women Directed/Produced and Documentaries reached beyond our expectations. Thank you to all that made this happen.

“Movies with passion” was our theme this year. Wow did you hit this on the mark. We grew from 8 countries to over 50 countries with many passionate topics. Our winning movie featured a granddaughter and grandfather from the streets of Hong Kong, another movie helping to understand life as a Kurd (45m. people and no country), also Kurdish women leading the fight against ISIS. A story of human organ transplants in China leading to a recent Peabody award. I am only giving a small hi-lite as we had so many excellent works. Thank you to each and every entry.

This year there will be only some small tweaking, but we are pleased to announce that we are including a category on “ADVENTURE – OUTDOORS”. Please make this as successful as last year’s Women and Documentaries.

FMF does encourage you to submit multiple work or a second category with same movie. Contact FMF to receive a twenty-five % discount for second movie and a fifty % discount for a third movie. If you find yourself in a quandary on which category to enter. You can enter a second category for a 50% discount to increase your chances for success.

FMF will continue our three main categories: “Short Shorts (1-19min), Loose Shorts (20-59min), and Long Pants (60+min)”. A great 8 min. film is hard to be judged against a 35 min. short so we expanded to create a “Mini-Feature” category and to fairly protect the truly short film. This worked very well for us.

FMF will not change it’s core principles in expanding, but FMF wants to provide an expansion of topics at this venue for our filmmakers and viewers to take a journey of – learning, relating, laughing, and many other emotions while keeping a thread of moral fabric!

One of our newer and very rewarding genre is Women. After attending a workshop on film for women, FMF heard their message. One of those messages: only 7% of women filmmakers are on the big screen. We want to help change that one independent film at a time. You are off to a great start, keep up the fabulous work.

Remember the book “Men are from Mars, and Women are from Venus”. FMF wants to offer a genre that the story, script, director, producer or lead role is a Woman. FMF is looking beyond the industry term “chick flick” to films that are thought-provoking and personal growth about “Venus” or a view from “Venus”. Present the world as a woman experience’s it – enlighten, empower, entertain, educate, inspire, curiosity and stimulate conversation.

I am so glad FMF opened this window. It was such a success. Not only did this category explode but many of the overall finalist in all categories were by you. A perfect example is a short movie “Her Children Mourn” about a brother and sister, after their mother’s funeral, going back to their country setting and how each dealt with their grief through dance. So good. So perfect for this category. I don’t think this type of movie would have reached us. So many examples to mention, so thank you and hope you reach this level again.

If you have read this far, here are a few nuggets of treasure. The first 5 paid submissions will automatically be selected. (Early bird does get selected). The first 5 paid comedy and adventure/outdoors will also automatically be selected. After submitting, send an email asking if you are automatically an official selection!! Good luck early birds.

In summary:
Categories are: Short (short shorts), Mini-Feature (loose shorts), and Feature (long pants).

Genres are: Women, Documentaries, Faith/Inspirational, Adventure/Outdoors and Narrative/Other

Other Categories: Student Movie, Animation, Web-Series/TV, Comedy and Music Video. Please Note: These are not Genre specific!

This festival is organized by individuals that are trying to “drain the same swamp you are”. It includes writing, publishing, producing and distributing our own work as well.
We are in the swamp together, (maybe this is a Florida term), swamps usually contain alligators and muck. Have you ever felt with your film project, “you have an alligator by the tail and standing neck deep in the muck?”.

Come join us, we will treat your work, like we do ours!

Come join us in Central Florida!