2015 Winners



“Short Shorts(1-20min), Loose Shorts(20-60min), Long Pants(>60min)”


Feature Movies (Long Pants >60min)

Best Feature Winner – N+N (Hong Kong)

1st Place – Kyra Kyralion (Romania), 2nd Place 8th Continent (Germany)

Finalist – Dar He (US), Rule of Lead (Italy), Runaway Day (Greece)

Women D/P – Finalist – N+N (Hong Kong), The Daughters of Danaus (Spain), Fragile World (US)

Winner Faith – Adrenaline (US), Revelations (US)

Finalist Faith – Polycarp (US), Gift Everlasting (Jamaica/US), Good Book (US)

Women D/P Winner Faith – Gift Everlasting (Jamaica/US)

Winner Documentary – David’s & Goliath (Canada)

1st Place – Bisagno (Italy), 2nd Place – Heart of Glass (France)

Finalist Documentary – Poverty (US), I Want to Live (Kurdistan), Secret Diplomacy (Germany/Chile/Finland), Sweethearts of Gridiron (US), It’s Easy Being Green When You Have No Choice (US), Burning Ember: The Steve Bell Journey (Canada)

Women D/P Winner Documentary – Poverty (US)

Women D/P Finalist Documentary – Uncle Tony (Bulgaria), Lee’s Keys (US)

Finalist Faith Documentary – IBUR Connection (US), Faith, Hope, BBQ (US)


Mini – Feature (Loose Shorts 20-60min):

Winner – Spring Flood (Belgium)

1st– Place – Sum Total of Memory (US), 2nd Place – Armor of Light (US)

Finalist – Chain (US), A Good Deal (France), She Rocks the Planet (US), Cyclic (Spain)

Winner Faith – Highway to Hell (US)

Finalist Faith – Armor of Light (US), Open Hands (US), Options (US), Yeshua Answer (US)

Winner Documentary – Sum Total of our Memory (US)

1st Place – ArdeLucus (Spain), 2nd– Spas-Kamen (Russia)

Finalist Documentary – Facing Hunger (Canada), The Exchange (US),

Socotra: The Hidden Land (Spain)

Women D/P Finalist Documentary – – Last Pyramid (US), SOne Way Trip to Siem Reap (France), Women (Mozambique), Pikineras (Nicaragua)

Faith Finalist Documentary Starting Over: Record of Faith (US), 3 Ten Venture (US)


Short Shorts (1-20min)

Winner Short – I AM SAMI (UK/Kurdistan)

1st Place – Sleeping Death (Spain), 2nd Place – This Was My Son (US)

Finalist – Split Time (France), Killing My Girl (UK), Unseen Birthday (Germany), Time 2 Split (France), I Confess (UK), Jila (Iran)

Women D/P Winner Short – Chauvinist Pig (Sweden)

1st Place – Betty Boo(Australia), 2nd Place – My Children Mourn (US)

Women D/P Finalist – Masquerade (US), My Friend’s Friend (Kazakhstan), Into Sleep (China), Galicia – Portobello Road (UK)

“Outside the Box” Short Finalist – Fe-Male (Switzerland), What is an Actor? (Brazil), Common Urban Human (Greece)

Winner Faith Short – Christ Tempted (US)

Finalist Faith – Caught Inside (US), Going Through the Motions (US), Born Dead: A Zombie Parable (US)

Women D/P Faith Finalist – Jesus Through My Eyes (US)

Winner Documentary Short – Not Anymore : A story of Revolution (Syria/US)

Finalist Documentary – Sprint to the Past (Russia), Putting the Ribbon Back On (US), Water in All Forms (Iceland), City of Lights (Italy), Photo Shooting of a Bald Head (Brazil), For Her I Get Married (Spain)

Women D/P Winner Documentary Short – Preserves (US/Ecuador)

Women D/P Finalist Documentary – Epidemic of Knowledge (UK), Roxie (US),


Animation Movies:

Winner- Treasure Nest(US)

1st Place – Plastimime(UK), 2nd Place – Emilie(Luxembourg)

Finalist –Plastimime(UK), Match (Germany), Dad’s Fragile Doll (Iran), Maly Cousteau(Czech Republic), September Sketch Book(US)

Finalist Women Directed/Produced(D/P) – Treasure Nest(US), Emilie(Luxembourg)

Time(Greece), Mouth(Israel)


Winner – In the Beginning (David Helling), USA

Women D/P Winner – Quiet on the Set (Laura Valtorta), USA


Music Video:

Winner – Children of same God (Spain) Gus Carballo

1st Place – Salve Regina (US) Rob Kaczmark

2nd Place – Matter of Fact: “Purpose” (US) Shane Pergrem

Finalist – Dark Sky (Greece), Rome from Above (US), Getting Away Getting Near(Greece)

Grass (France)


Movie Trailer:

Winner – Unveiled (US) Rob Kaczmark

Women D/P Winner- Long Shadows (Australia) Linda Millar/Darwin Brooks

1st Place – Stanford Wushu, 2nd Place – I Before Thee (US)

Finalist – So In Love (US), Crack (Spain), The Patient of Paradise Avenue (US)



Winner – Chris & Josh (Season 2) (Australia)

Women D/P Winner – She Rocks the Planet! TV (US)



Winner – Feature (Long Pants >60min) Deliha (Turkey)

Women D/P Winner – Australiens (Australia)

Winner – (Loose Shorts 20-60min) –Bolero for Surfing in Moravia (Venezuela)

Winner – (Short Shorts 1-20min) Dad-in-Mum (France)

Finalist- Princess Strikes Back (Germany), Diagnostic (France), Dare Side of Moon (UK)

Psychic Sue (Germany)

** After Judges and Audience voting only 4 (of 100) points separated winner from all finalists **

Special thanks to FabriceBracq (France), Dave Lojek (Germany), Alex Constantin (UK) for this great short comedy competition!




Winner – Austin (US)

1st Place – Retaliation (Hungary), 2nd Place – Forsaken (US)

Finalist – Cold Morning (US), Tempter (US),The Heat (Poland), The Order (UK)

Vanishing (Poland)

Women D/P &High School Winner – Cold Morning (US)

Finalist High School – Emotional Dimensions of James River (US), The Wall (US), Avarice (US)

Finalist Women D/P – Cara(US), Emotional Dimensions of James River(US)

Winner Documentary – The Boats of Jamaica Bay (US)



Winners Movie Fest 2015 ALL (2) ThankyouFMFfilmmakersFollowup with awards (1) (2)Our May 2, final afternoon and night sessions was a great success.



We honored our judges and attending movie makers with a red carpet photo session.

Award winners will be announced and laurels forwarded to the winners.

We had movies from all over the world.  The quality of our submissions was appreciated by our judges.

Thank you for sharing your work with our festival judges and attendees.