2016 Winners!

2016 Florida Movie Festival Finalists & Winners


Short Shorts 1-19 Min

Overall Winner all categories: Sarah’s Friend (US)


Winner’s by Category:

Roubado (US) – Women D/P (US)

Fortune Flies (Germany) – Narrative

Sarah’s Friend (US) – Faith

Proverbial Luck (Germany) – Comedy

Enchanted Ink (US) – Animation

You Can Play (US) – Student

Nazareth (Brazil) – Documentary

Life in Color (US) – Florida Local

A Hero Within (US) – Florida Student

Juvenile Justice (US) – Student Documentary

I Sent My Fears Away (Uruguay) – Music Video


Finalist Short Shorts 1-19 Min

Finalist’s Highest Marks All Categories Combined:


Lunch Lady (US)

Focus Pocus (Germany)

Stranded Fish (Brazil)

Angel (US)

The Session (United Kingdom)

Another Love (India)

Awakenings (United Kingdom)

Deepest Violet (US)

Sun (France)

Letters from a Mother (Netherlands/Cuba)

Poker Face (US)

I Girl (US)

I’ve Just Had a Dream (Spain)

Custody (US)

Loose Shorts 20-59 Min

Overall Winner all categories: Krusing America

“Inspirational Making a Difference” : Unfathemable Reality

Winner’s by Category:

Krusing America (US) – Web/TV series

1954 (US) – Women D/P (US)

Test (Poland) – Best Foreign

Krusing America (US) – Documentary

Mousse (Sweden) – Comedy

REM – Best Foreign Web/TV series

Big Wave in Basque Country (Spain) – Outdoor/Adventure

No Child (US) – Narrative

Adam & Eve (US) – Faith

Unfathemable Reality (India) – Student

Saudade (US) – Florida Web/TV series


Finalist Loose Shorts 20-59 Min

Finalist’s Highest Marks All Categories Combined:

All in Her Stride (Australia)

Sunset (Russia)

Legend of Amba (US/Mexico)

Jack is Pretty (US)

Dames (United Kingdom)

Pan Zhog (Taiwan)

Story of the Friends (Egypt)

Long Pants 60+ Min (Feature)


Winner – People’s Choice Award – Caravan Film (Canada)

Overall Winner all categories: Ben & Ara (US)

Winner – “Raising Awareness” : In the Spotlight (Canada)

Winner – “Freedom Award” : Niyoga (Canada/Sri Lanka)

Winner – “Passion thru Faith” – Steadfast (US)


Nominated for Best Picture:

The Caravan Film (Canada)

Ben & Ara (US)

Descendant (Iran)

Kollwein’s Day of Truth (Germany/Austria)

Winner’s by Category:

Ben & Ara – Women D/P (US)

The Caravan Film (Canada) – Outdoor/Adventure/Travel

Descendants (Iran) – Narrative

Kollwein’s Day of Truth (Germany/Austria) – Best Foreign

LUTAH a Passion for Architecture (US) – Documentary

Who Moved the Stone (US) – Faith

Love Socks Movie (Australia) – Comedy

Finalist Long Pants 60+ Min

Finalist’s Highest Marks All Categories Combined:


Pagdi The Honour (India)

Alma (Chile/Argentina)

Demi (United Kingdom)

Steadfast (US)

Niyoga (Canada/Sri Lanka)

Jaywalker (US)

The Real Miyagi (US)

In the Spotlight (Canada)

The Trap (Equador)

Daddy (US)

According to Ben Adams (Australia)